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Founded by specialized engineers & talented designers


Cube ensures nothing but high-end 3D printers are operated and supplied. Equally, our engineers & designers make certain only premium 3D printing services are delivered.


One of our leading objectives is having numerous functioning 3D printers, enabling us to become the fastest 3D printing production farm in the region and to maintain the lowest prices.


With our various selection of colorful materials, Cube enables you to concretize your designs the way you aspire to, using optimal mechanical properties.


A flawlessly incorporated 3D printing experience

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3D Printers Retail

Cube is a proud distributor of FlashForge 3D Technology, providing professional, educational, and personal plug n' play 3D printers. Learn more.

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3D Printing Filaments

We are exclusive resellers of eSUN filaments, offering PLA, ABS, Woodfill, and other exotic materials. Come to the dark side, we have filaments.

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Designing & 3D Printing

Our team of engineers and designers are specialized in developing customers' ideas and printing their designs while maintaining the most affordable prices in the market.

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Classes & Workshops

Rapid advances in additive manufacturing now enable you to better imagine, develop, and manufacture the future, thus making our 3D printing workshops a critical aspect of any student's educational background.

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Small-Batch Production

Having more than 20 printers continuously operating enables us to provide small-batch manufacturing attaining more than a thousand prints per order.

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An experienced post-processing team can enhance the 3D printed products' looks by applying absolutely gorgeous finishes to your prints.


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